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Max Amato never loses his temper, unless he loses a game of ping-pong. Though many designers try to follow in his footsteps, they simply can’t because he has too many shoes. Favorite swatch: PMS 572C. Portfolio:

Nicholas Lomboy’s bedhead has inspired many a designer to throw away their conditioner and comb. Preferring the road less traveled, he aspires to skate switch. Favorite swatch: PMS 485C. Portfolio:

Brendan Mcauliffe is our rep from the Pacific Northwest. A world explorer, his favorite method of transportation is his bike, Josie (like the Blink song). Favorite swatch: PMS 651C.Portfolio:

Justin Nowak spends his free time playing first-person shooters while cuddling with his hamster, Snuggles. An aspiring egg chef, he still has Dominoes on his speed dial. Favorite swatch: PMS 7494C. Portfolio:

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Nike Chalk Murals

// Designed by Ben Johnston

These Nike chalk murals were created by Toronto based designer/letterer Ben Johnston for the launch of the Nike Pro Bra pop-up store in Toronto. The lettering on these murals are rad. There is a sketchy/unfinished quality to them that creates a grit and edginess associated with Nike. Not to mention, the interesting juxtaposition between the masculinity of these murals, and the fact that they are in a pop-up store for women's sports bras. These murals help to drive Nike's brand message that women can crush it just as hard as the guys, and have an edgy side to them just as much as any other athlete.  (All interior design and art direction by Set Creative and Nike Canada.)


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